2015 is a landmark year not only for SC Ammoni (and for the entire group of companies), but also for all chemical industry of the Russian Federation. As a result of great efforts of the team of professionals such as designers, builders, industrialists, financiers, suppliers, a difficult stage of industrial complex building is completed, the timely launch of the complex took place in the III quarter of 2015 and reached the project capacity in the IV quarter.

The end of 2015 has set new goals, objectives, such as to update strategic priorities, to correct long-term and short-term plans in view of the current state of the mineral fertilizers and chemical production market.
In 2010, distant, ephemeral questions, which had only indefinite answers that year, in 2015 required the formation of a clear position of the Company in global markets. New vectors of the Company development are defined now:

The Company's mission is to provide conditions for a formation of sufficient world food economy.

The Company’s strategy includes a high-quality production, Company’s products sales market expanding and establishment of its own distribution network of mineral fertilizers and chemical products in Europe.