Attention cheaters!

Please note, that in recent years in commodity markets there are cases of fraud related to the supply of products, supposedly produced by JSC "Ammoni" or offer to supply from individuals who are illegally posing as employees of JSC "Ammonium" or LLC "Mendeleevskazot.

In this regard, we recommend You to exercise discretion and caution when receiving proposals for the supply of products of JSC "Ammoni" on behalf of unknown companies without testing their organizational and financial-economic viability. Usually, for the realization of their selfish goals the crooks to get in touch with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and offer discount prices products of production of JSC "Ammonium". Low-cost do they explain in various ways, for example what products they paid business partners for the debts. Please note that to obtain a product of guaranteed quality, in a specified amount and the agreed time is possible only in case of purchase of products of JSC "Ammonium" is the ONLY official representative LLC "Mendeleevskazot". In all other cases, even if other organizations were actually delivered products, there is no guarantee that these products comply with quality indicators (GOST) and is the product of a complex of JSC "Ammonium". Moreover, there is a risk not to receive products in the case of acquisition from untested organizations.

Also there are cases of fraud, the criminals are presented to the employees of JSC "Ammonium" or LLC "Mendeleevskazot". You should alert the incompetence of the interlocutor, inadequately low price, the inability to confirm a personal meeting on site "Ammonia", etc. Please note that employees of the commercial Department of LLC "Mendeleevskazot" is the ONLY unit that implements the products of JSC "Ammoni" - always ready to offer You to meet in the office at the complex, not near him/in the car/ another city. In case of doubt that Your partner is indeed a member of LLC "Mendeleevskazot", You can always contact the leaders of the organization at the phone number listed on the website.

In connection with the foregoing, in order to avoid becoming victims of fraud, we strongly recommends You to purchase products from our complex only from official and only representative - LLC "Mendeleevskazot".

Here are the most common in recent cases of fraud:

Fake website

Unknown persons also use sites-clones representing a complete copy of the official real website of the manufacturer of fertilizers and/or its authorized dealers, with the exception of contact information.

The only valid addresses are and only are contacts that you can use.

In addition, unknown persons make dispatch of e-mails from addresses containing false domain names, reminiscent of the only official domains of actual companies-producers of fertilizers and/or their authorized dealers.

In this regard, please note that the only true domain name, which can be sent a formal letter is

Fake phone numbers

In recent years, cases of fraud using fake phone numbers. In the "Contacts" section lists the phone numbers of the commercial Department. We kindly request to purchase products of JSC "Ammonium" to call solely on submitted phone numbers of LLC "Mendeleevskazot". Otherwise, we do not guarantee the legality of the purchase.


There are cases when fraudsters create bogus dealers offer fertilizer allegedly on behalf of and its authorized dealers at competitive prices. In their proposals, they indicate the alleged phone, which the scammers report that they are acting on behalf of JSC "Ammonium" or LLC "Mendeleevskazot" and guarantee the security of supply of fertilizers.

In the known cases, the recipients of the funds indicated:

  • Sitistrojj, OOO was 9705044941;
  • OOO "Trading house "AMUR"" INN 2722086603;
  • OOO "LIRA" WAS 9729011416;
  • LLC "Zeolite" was 7801616676

Data on fraudulent activities of criminal organizations on the mineral fertilizers market of the Russian Federation

If You do become a victim of fraud under the guise of sale of products of JSC "Ammonium", and when you receive dubious offers of sales of products of JSC "Ammonium" let us know by phone: +7 (85549) 9-20-00 or e-mail